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April 15, 2021 at 6:43 pm by Avatar for Jim

Strain Review: Barney's Farm Acapulco Gold

acapulco gold strain review

Acapulco Gold strain review introduction

acapulco gold big nugget

Think And Grow Weed. One of my favorite books combined with one of my favorite strains! Schwing!

In this Acapulco Gold strain review, you’ll find out why I consider this 2010 sativa cup winner to be one of my favorite sativa strains!

Firstly, Barney’s Farm did an excellent job breeding this sativa strain, which is estimated to contain around 21% THC. Barney’s Farm has been in business for longer than I’ve been alive, so what does that tell you about their dedication?

Acapulco Gold is a perfect strain for a wake’n’bake, and it’s just fine for enjoying on your lunch break or after a big dinner plate. However, it’s too uppity for a nighttime sleep smoke. With that being said, this specially selected Mexican sativa-dominant landrace strain from Barney’s Farm is something to be admired!

Furthermore, the sweet tasting Acapulco Gold is a lanky 70% sativa strain that provides very sticky buds along with an energetic, uplifting sativa high. Do you want to get some stuff done? Forget an energy drink. Just smoke a little joint of some Acapulco Gold first. I never thought doing dishes could be so fun until I smoked a joint of some Acapulco Gold beforehand. Gotta cut the grass? Well, that’s no biggie when you have some AG on deck!

Acapulco Gold is a perfect daytime strain that has been selectively bred into a fast-growing masterpiece by the professionals at Barney’s Farm. I’m so happy that I purchased these seeds from HerbiesHeadshop.com, because Acapulco Gold has been everything I wanted and then some. With estimated THC levels at about 21%, it will get you where you need to be in a hurry!

Acapulco Gold strain review photo gallery

Check out the Acapulco Gold strain review photo gallery below to see some of the green gold nuggets! I’m telling you, this stuff is almost annoying to break up with your fingers because it’s very sticky! I get frustrated trying to break up Acapulco Gold with my fingers and usually throw it in the Santa Cruz Shredder. The buds literally stick to your hands. Don’t believe me? Check out my other article about rolling up some homegrown Acapulco Gold into a Backwoods if you want to see the sticky goodness!

Barney’s Farm Acapulco Gold strain review

Growing Acapulco Gold was a vision I had for a while before I finally achieved it. I’m glad I took the journey.

The last time I was in the Gulf of Mexico, I met some cool Mexicans who raved about the beautiful water in Acapulco. They said the water in Acapulco is way more beautiful than the water in Florida. Of course, the grass is always greener. One inebriated Hispanic gentleman said I could swim right across the Gulf of Mexico and make it to Acapulco, but I didn’t feel like drowning that day. I’d love to go there someday equipped with armed security guards, but I figured I would just try growing their world famous weed until that day arrives.

Well, I finally got the chance to grow Acapulco Gold and couldn’t pass on the opportunity.

Acapulco Gold nugget

Dinner is served! Acapulco Gold is all I’m eating for dinner tonight.

I ordered Barney’s Farm seeds from HerbiesHeadshop.com a while back and have been growing Acapulco Gold ever since. I actually ordered three seeds of Acapulco Gold and the cool people at Herbies hooked me up with nine seeds instead! Sometimes you’re the dog, sometimes you’re the hydrant, and on that day I was the dog!

I’ve grown Acapulco Gold four times with three successful harvests. Unfortunately, I lost one of my outdoor plants due to caterpillars, but I am prepared this season with some Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT). Oklahoma weather is tough like that. My best results growing Acapulco Gold have been with my indoor grows under my HPS lamp. Contrarily, my LED buds were not quite as good as my buds grown under the HPS. Stick with HPS lamps on this strain and you will get some super sticky gold nuggets.

If you love a good classic sativa smoke, I highly doubt you’ll regret growing some Acapulco Gold for yourself. The only regret I have growing this strain is not taking care of my outdoor lady. I let her down. It’s tough to lose a plant to environmental variables, but it happens to the best of us.

Genetic lineage

The genetic lineage is not so transparent with this version of the Acapulco Gold strain, but Barney’s Farm says it is a Mexican landrace sativa strain. It’s safe to assume what they say is true. While it may not be the original Acapulco Gold from back in the day before I was born, I tend to believe that it is even better than the original.

How could it not be better than the old Acapulco Gold strain?

I imagine the original Acapulco Gold was probably in the low teens when it comes to THC percentages, so this new Acapulco Gold blows that old stuff out of the water already. Barney’s Farm does not mess around when it comes to breeding great genetics. The consistency I’ve experienced from growing this powerhouse strain remains true every time. Some expert growers, whose opinions I value highly, have even said that Acapulco Gold is one of the best strains in the world. I won’t agree or disagree with that statement, but Acapulco Gold is definitely up there in the top ten best sativa strains of all time, if you ask me.

Nug structure

acapulco gold nugget

Golden opportunities are everywhere!

As a sativa, Acapulco Gold grows fat top colas covered with sticky trichomes and golden hairs. There are claims that this plant can grow up to six feet tall, but mine have always remained about three feet tall due to lack of vegetative time and growing constraints. This year, I’m vegging my Acapulco Gold for six months in a 30 gallon container with no other size constraints, so we’ll see how that goes. Lower branches of the Acapulco Gold nuggets can be fluffy, but the top colas are the real treasure. The top colas can become quite fat and are coated with sticky trichomes.

The buds develop a nice golden color in the last weeks of flowering and they glisten with a sugary shine. As I said before, breaking up this bud with your hands will leave you with a sticky mess, but using a grinder makes me feel like I’m not giving the nugs the respect they deserve. I suppose I’ve found myself stuck inside a first-world dilemma!

The high

Acapulco Gold provides an energetic and happy feeling high. It is preferable to smoke this strain during the morning or daytime. If you smoke Acapulco Gold at night, you might be up for a while, depending on your tolerance levels. When I have a lot of work to do, I can smoke some Acapulco Gold without getting lethargic and burned out throughout the day. If I smoke some heavy indicas in the day time, I will lose all interest in working. At 21% THC, Acapulco Gold provides an intense sativa high that will get you amped for the day ahead.

Acapulco Gold is great for social events. It will help you talk to anybody about anything, because it just makes you feel so good and happy about life. Life is good when you’re blazing that green gold fire! You’ll be “that dude” when you roll up to the party with some gold nuggets, just don’t put it in a flipping plastic baggie. Jars only over here, son. When the party-goers ask where you got the Acapulco Gold, don’t tell them that you grew it and have ounces of it on hand unless you want a Sonny Daze associate mooching off of your dank. Let them enjoy the spliff with you and leave it at that. It’s my gold, dang it!

The taste

Enjoy the landrace tropical fruit cocktail flavor of Central America in the comforts of your own home with the great tasting Acapulco Gold strain. The delectable flavor palette is citrusy-sweet pine combined with hints of coffee, earth and spice. It offers a pleasantly smooth smoke through a joint, which is the way I prefer to smoke Acapulco Gold.

The smell

Opening up a jar full of Acapulco Gold and taking a big whiff puts me in a comfortable place. Dank, pungent aromas fill my nostrils as I breathe in as much as I can. Unfortunately, I can’t breathe in forever and smell this all the time. I suddenly forgot about all my problems when I smelled this dank. Acapulco Gold has a great smell. It’s pungent, earthy, musky, and spicy with sweet pine notes.

The harvest

acapulco gold outdoors at night

Acapulco Gold enjoys the Oklahoma weather just fine, but watch out for those pests!

Harvesting Acapulco Gold is a joyous time and provides adequate buds. Get ready for some sticky fingers and fat colas. Latex gloves are required for harvesting this sticky lady. If you’re training, topping, and taking good care of your Acapulco Gold lady, she will provide you with an adequate and worthwhile yield. Simply growing this plant without training it is not ideal. Acapulco Gold wants to be tied down like a dirty girl and she will gladly taunt your growing (or lack thereof) abilities.

Grow difficulty

The last time I planted an Acapulco Gold seed, she said,

“Show me what you’ve got, buddy. I’ve been around longer than you and I’ll be here after you’re gone! 😛 “

This plant is not recommended for first time growers with limited gardening experience and small spaces. It’s a sativa, so the flowering time is a bit longer at around 10 weeks. The plant wants to stretch a lot and is one of the most resilient and vigorous strains I’ve ever grown. The top colas get very fat and will probably need support during the last few weeks of flowering. The colas will start limping over if you have a lanky plant, so plant yo-yo’s or ground stakes may be required for extra support.

Acapulco Gold will eat up nitrogen supplies quickly, especially if you’re not using organic nutrients. Now that I’ve switched to organic nutrients, I don’t have many deficiency problems. Make sure you have adequate nutrients during the plant stretching phase and you should be alright. Since this plant has a longer flowering cycle, it tends to turn yellow as nutrients deplete. Nobody wants yellow buds.

Every time I’ve grown this plant, I have noticed incredibly vigorous taproot development in comparison to other plants. I’m not joking when I say that Acapulco Gold is always the first seed to germinate and break soil. This strain is so vigorous that it astonishes me every time I grow it. It’s like a literal weed that will take anything you throw at it, to an extent. Outdoor pests such as caterpillars can and will ravage your Acapulco Gold in a matter of days, if you don’t watch it. The caterpillars really love to eat these sweet tasting buds, so watch out especially after heavy summer rain when butterflies abound.

Would I order Barney’s Farm Acapulco Gold seeds again?

Acapulco Gold from Barney’s Farm has grown to become one of my favorite cannabis sativa plants, and I’ve grown a handful of different strains now. AG never lets me down when it comes to vigorous growth, resiliency and dank tropical goodness. The plant will take what you throw at it. It loves topping, it loves training, and it just wants to grow. The question is, are you ready?

Check out Acapulco Gold on the Barney’s Farm website: https://www.barneysfarm.com/acapulco-gold-26

Would I recommend Herbies Seeds for buying cannabis seeds online?

Herbies is a great place to order cannabis seeds online. I’ve been dealing with Herbies for many years now and they have never let me down. They recently revamped their website, which is pretty awesome and nicely designed. I’ve experienced one order confiscation in U.S. customs and Herbies sent a new order out without question, so they get my respect for that!


While I’m hesitant to say this, I’ll leave you with my final opinion about this classic sativa strain. Barney’s Farm’s Acapulco Gold is better than Nirvana Shop’s Maui Waui.

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