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September 21, 2020 at 7:00 pm by Avatar for Jim

Caterpillars: 1. Me: 0. They almost ate all my buds!


I gots to get better mane, it gots to move on / Switched from Motorola to a PrimeCo phone

Shout out to Lil’ Troy for the inspiration and motivation to keep ballin’ on these punk ass caterpillars!

Now we worldwide, watch me highside / Fat Pat blowing killa, can’t be denied

Peep the gallery.

Outdoors is tough and I couldn’t catch my break this year. Ya boy ain’t done tho.

The single girl scout cookies bag seed that I found from that ounce I bought turned out to be a male!

Lesson learned here. Any time I’ve ever tried regular seeds or bag seeds they’ve always been MALE! I’m serial. I ordered 5 regular bubblelicious from Nirvana seeds back in the day and they all turned out male. I take some dumb L’s sometimes when I could’ve just been smart, but I’m only half smart.

PSH… I’m never growing bag or regular sexed seeds again! Female seeds only from here on out. Take it from me and only buy female seeds. Trust me. You don’t want to invest 2 months vegging some regular beans and then they all turn out male.

My outdoor plants were doing fantastic up until about week 6 of flowering.

We got a shit ton of rain for a week straight and the butterflies were going nuts. I destroyed a leaf on my blueberry cookies plant that had larvae covering the entire underside of the leaf.

My plants got infested with caterpillars pretty bad.


Caterpillars got me fucked up!

I’ve never hated a bug as much as I hate caterpillars.

Caterpillars are a buzz kill if there ever were a buzz kill for cannabis plants. You can’t even see them until they’ve already started munching your plants. By the time you’ve noticed caterpillar damage, you might as well just throw the plants away. Gas yourself or start over and take the L because the caterpillars are going to eat all your juicy dank big boy mouth watering dick hardening colas and then shit it right back out on top of your plants, so you won’t even want to smoke your nugs when they are done because they’ll have caterpillar turds ALL OVER THEM.


Maybe next year, pal.

gotta be quicker than that meme

Gotta be quicker than that!

I knew about BT and caterpillar infestations, but I thought I was safe for some stupid stoner reason in my simple brain. I was not safe. You gotta be proactive with that BT out here. Shit is super serial.

I mixed some BT (Bacillus thuringiensis) spray solution and I was able to kill the fuckers off in about a week, but not after they fucked my shit up royally. Fuck butterflies, man.

After I took care of the pesky little caterpillars, we got gifted with some unexpected 50MPH+ winds and it knocked my plants over, resulting in more damage and stress.

We’re not done yet.

The caterpillars and heavy rains caused botrytis bud rot in every plant on the main colas, so I took another major L and chopped all the infected colas and buds. The plants are still alive and flowering, but I’m thinking this is looking like a total loss on the outdoor ladies. It’s not even impressive anymore. I don’t even want to smoke them at this point. I should’ve been more proactive with the BT spray and moved the plants out of the rain. Lesson learned. They ain’t fucking with me next season!

Don’t be a goofy goober like me, go buy some BT! (Insert Based Bezos affiliate link here when I become 1337 and OP).

BEFORE you start your outdoor grow, so you don’t want to gas yourself after your plants get ravaged.

fuck me running gif

Fuck me running, 160! – Blow

The indoor girls are stretching

blueberry cookies and girl scout cookies

Cookies in the tent

I’ve got these Blueberry Cookies and Girl Scout Cookies ladies looking sexy as fuck in the grow tent. WOW! I just switched them over to flower, so I’m hoping this goes well and I have some dank christmas cookies. 🙂

I’ma slide back through this mutha fucka when I start seeing some signs of flowering on these sexy whores.

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