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April 26, 2021 at 5:12 pm by Avatar for Jim

Presto Doctor review: Get your medical marijuana card approval from the comfort of your own home

presto doctor review oklahoma medical marijuana

Learn why getting approved for your medical marijuana card in Oklahoma has never been easier in this Presto Doctor review

Appointment requirements

Firstly, my Presto Doctor review is based on my experience in Oklahoma, so your experience may vary!

Before we get started with this Presto Doctor review, here’s a list of requirements you’ll need to successfully get approved on your journey to obtaining your medical marijuana card:

  • Be 18+ years of age with a valid state ID and current address;
  • Be a resident of a qualified state: Oklahoma, California, Nevada, New York, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Illinois & now Iowa;
  • Have a camera that will take a high quality photo of yourself behind a plainly colored wall, similar to a passport photo;
  • Have a decent internet connection with enough bandwidth to handle a five to ten minute long video conference;
  • Have a computer, phone, or tablet with web cam video conference capability to access the Presto Doctor website and chat with your doctor;
  • Have a credit or debit card with at least a few hundred dollars on it so you can book your appointment online and pay state fees. Prices vary by state. Please note that the state of Oklahoma charges a separate application fee ($100, reduced to $20 if you have SoonerCare or Medicare); and
  • Have a valid reason to use medical marijuana. Please note that in Oklahoma a person does not need to have a specific underlying medical condition to become a medical marijuana patient or to receive a recommendation from a doctor. If you need medical marijuana for arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, back pain, or anything that isn’t a specific medical condition diagnosed by a doctor, that should be fine in Oklahoma. Some other states are not as lenient in this regard and require specific medical conditions for medical marijuana patients.

My Presto Doctor review and overall experience in Oklahoma

Presto Doctor logo

Presto Doctor logo

At first, I was skeptical about obtaining my medical marijuana recommendation from a doctor who I had never met before. With all the craziness going on in the world, the last thing I wanted to do was step into a real world doctor’s office and take all the necessary precautions. I already knew that I needed and wanted a medical marijuana card if I wanted to remain within the law. I went ahead and took that first step by creating my account on the Presto Doctor website.

Ugh, are you telling me I have to show my face on a web camera?


Don’t worry. I hate being on camera as well. It’s not a big deal. The doctor probably just chatted with someone worse looking than you anyway.

However, the quick and painless video conference call is easier than face-timing your popular friend who has 100K Instagram followers. You don’t need to get all dressed up and pretty to talk to a doctor like you might for someone you’re trying to impress. These doctors deal with a lot of patients every day and I deduce that they are cranking out patient approvals in an assembly line fashion.

On the other hand, I must admit that I was a little hesitant to step my face into the doctor’s digital office because I’m not very photogenic, but she was very professional and got right to the point. I immediately felt at ease when I first met my doctor and I knew everything would be all good after a few easy preliminary questions. The doctor will ask you why you think you need to use medical marijuana. I personally deal with arthritic-like pain from carpal tunnel syndrome and frequent headaches which run in my Cherokee family genetics.

At first, getting my medical card was reminiscent of turning 21 when I could buy as much alcohol as I wanted, legally. Now that I’ve had my medical marijuana card for a while, I only use cannabis when I need it and don’t smoke much anymore. It has become less and less of an every day thing for me, but I still feel the need to have the card in case I want to partake. I have zero regrets about using Presto Doctor and I would totally recommend using it to all those who desire a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma. The juice was worth the squeeze.

Presto Doctor is quick, easy and painless

These days, most people don’t want to step foot into a doctor’s office. Going to the doctor is hassle. With Presto Doctor, you can obtain your recommendation within a few moments. The video conference call with my doctor was about five to ten minutes long. I didn’t expect it to be that easy!

There were a few questions asked about why I desired a medical marijuana card, which I answered honestly and the doctor was cool. I was going to be medicating regardless of having a medical card, so I figured it would be best to remain within the law.

The photo must be well done

Your photo ID doesn’t have to be shot with a Canon 5D Mark III with an L series lens, but it does need to be somewhat high quality, easily visible, and well-lit with a flash or bright light.

When it comes to preparing your photo for your ID card, make sure you take your time and do it properly. It should look just like a generic passport photo when you’re done. I have long arms and just took a selfie, but you may need someone to snap a photo of you with your smart phone as you stand up against a plainly colored wall. A white or beige colored wall will suffice for your photo ID. It doesn’t have to be George Lucas picture perfect, but make an effort!

Check out my ID below, with a bunch of sensitive stuff blurred out, including my hideous face. 😀 You will want to crop your photo ID just like a passport photo.


Oklahoma medical marijuana card front side

oklahoma medical marijuana card front side

Here is a blurred out photo of my Oklahoma medical marijuana card.

Oklahoma medical marijuana card back side

oklahoma medical marijuana card back side

This is the standard back side of the Oklahoma medical marijuana card with a bunch of information.

What does having a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma allow?

The benefits of obtaining a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma are great. Check out the list below if you don’t feel like using a magnifying glass to read the back of my ID card in the photo above.

  • Possess up to three (3) ounces of marijuana on their person;
  • Possess six (6) mature marijuana plants;
  • Possess six (6) seedling plants;
  • Possess one (1) ounce of concentrated marijuana;
  • Possess seventy-two (72) ounces of edible marijuana; and
  • Possess up to eight (8) ounces of marijuana in their residence.

I don’t know about you, but that all sounds pretty freaking sweet to me! I got jammed up in Georgia for way less than that! No offense, but screw Georgia!

How long does it take to receive a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma?

The waiting is the hardest part. – Tom Petty

A thoughtful aside: If I were stranded on a deserted island with only one musician’s tunes, it’d have to be Tom Petty. May he rest in peace.

I received my medical marijuana card within about a month of my Presto Doctor appointment.

I’ve never felt so antsy in my life. You better believe that I was ready to hit the dispensary the day my medical card arrived in the mail! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure you can now purchase medicine from dispensaries without a medical card on hand (while you’re waiting for it to arrive in the mail) as long as you’ve been approved by the state and have your verifiable patient information available. This will obviously reduce your wait time for purchasing medicine, because it takes about two weeks for the state to send out your card once you’ve been approved. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do this when I got my approval from the state because it was still early in the process, but that’s alright.

Overall, I’d say the average wait time to receive your medical marijuana card after your Presto Doctor appointment is about one month. 

Make sure to be as thorough as possible during your initial approval process and you shouldn’t have any rejections from the state. Getting your medical marijuana card is a very simple and smooth process as long as you follow the directions. Although, I have read about several people getting their applications rejected because of poorly taken photos, so don’t skimp out on the photo! Do it right the first time and you won’t have to redo the photo.


I got my card in the mail and hit up my first dispensary in Oklahoma. I went to Natural Fine Herbs in Vinita, OK. The dudes that run that shop are always cool and they have some really affordable deals on medicine.

What an amazing feeling that was. Believe it or not, I used to live in Georgia and went to jail THREE times for cannabis related offenses. Going to jail over cannabis put a big hold on my life because I had to pay for all my legal expenses by myself. Anyone who has ever been through the court system knows that it can drain your savings incredibly fast. Georgia is very behind when it comes to cannabis laws, probably because they are making money hand over fist with victimless incarcerations such as mine.

nirvana raspberry cough vegging outdoors in oklahoma 20 gallons

Raspberry Cough from Nirvana Shop vegging outdoors in this super windy Oklahoma weather

Now, being able to enjoy and grow my own organic cannabis at home in Oklahoma is literally a dream come true. I’ve got some soon-to-be massive ladies growing outdoors right now. I’ve been crawling various cannabis forums since I was a teenager, just dreaming about growing my own plants one day. I’ve never been on any type of medications like pills or narcotics, but I’ve always loved weed, man.

The great people of Oklahoma finally banned together and allowed me to do this. Even though it was several years ago, it feels like yesterday when I went to sign the petition to help legalize medical marijuana in Oklahoma and I’m sure glad I did!

Click here to get started on your medical marijuana approval process with Presto Doctor.

Presto Doctor review conclusion

There’s a good reason why Presto Doctor currently has a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating from 15,836 total reviews on Trust Spot. It works! Presto Doctor is 100% not a scam and it is much easier than physically traveling to a doctor’s office, masking up, getting your temperature scanned, waiting in line for a ten minute appointment, and then driving back home. Skip the doctor’s office. Stay safe and get your medical marijuana card online from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re in the market for a medical marijuana card in a legal state, I’d say don’t hesitate. Do what it takes to make that first step. Free yourself from any legal repercussions you face for enjoying God’s plant “illegally.” I know that sounds ridiculous (being locked up for a plant), but that is the world in which we live. For-profit prisons aren’t going away any time soon, so make sure you’re legal and you’ll be enjoying your buds stress-free.

Check out Presto Doctor’s website and get your medical marijuana patient approval process started. You’ll be medicating legally before you know it!

I hope you enjoyed my Presto Doctor review. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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