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September 24, 2020 at 10:55 pm by Avatar for Jim

Blueberry Cookies versus Girl Scout Cookies


I didn’t give up and all is not lost on the outdoor plants.

nirvana maui waui outdoor-cannabis-plant and crescent moon

Maui Waui looking cool under the moon

There was a crescent moon hanging out above the Maui Waui that night. She’s still hanging tough. What a resilient strain!

I trashed the Acapulco Gold for another big loss, as that is one of my favorite strains for a wake n bake. Oh well, that’s why I will hopefully be rewarded by my Maui Waui sativa ladies in October.

The outdoor ladies are still surviving, but I just noticed a whitefly infestation today after shaking some branches. I sprayed with some Bonide Eight Insect Control, which claims to kills whiteflies, but we shall see. I’ve used it before with decent results. It’s always something when you’re growing outdoors. I’ve always grown weed indoors, but this is a good learning experience.

Cookies Battle

blueberry girl scout cookies

Dinafem Blueberry Cookies and Nirvana Girl Scout Cookies in the tent

Left: Blueberry Cookies from Dinafem;
Right: Girl Scout Cookies from Nirvana

Two cookies strains from completely different breeders growing side by side in my little grow tent. I’m excited to compare both of these strains. If we’re all still here in a couple months, it should be a good time. Blueberry Cookies is such a great flavor. I’ve smoked the Blueberry Cookies from Crop King Seeds and it was probably one of my favorite tasting strains of last year.

Dinafem Blueberry Cookies

dinafem blueberry cookies

Dinafem Blueberry Cookies in the tent

I chopped a few little buds off the bottom of the Dinafem Blueberry Cookies and then let it dry out. I figured I’d give it a test run through the bong and now I’m just straight blizzazzled and struggling to write this.

(1 hour later)

Dinafem genetics are very impressive to me so far! I’m stoked to get some indoor experience with the Blueberry Cookies inside the grow tent.

This strain was slower to germinate in comparison to the Girl Scout Cookies from Nirvana. Probably my own fuck up, but I don’t know for sure.

I had to kind of give the sprouting seed’s shell some open heart surgery with my Kershaw spring loaded blade in order for it to start spreading its cotyledon wings. The GSC from Nirvana had already taken off beyond seedling phase at this point, so I was worried about having a runt with the Blueberry.

Boy, was I wrong. As you can see in the pics, the Dinafem Blueberry Cookies has caught up to pace with the GSC from Nirvana and it is thriving equally. These genetics seem very solid!

Nirvana Girl Scout Cookies

nirvana girl scout cookies

Nirvana Girl Scout Cookies

I’ve already grown a test plant of the GSC from Nirvana in one of my last few grows and it is a fucking dank strain! No complaints here.

It has a fire cookies kush flavor that you would expect from some classic cookies nugs. Nugs are dense as fuck. That’s why I’m growing it again and probably will continue to grow it in the future. You can’t go wrong with some cookies from Nirvana, bro.

I guess I’m just a fan of cookies in general

On 4/20 one year, we made some cannabis cookies with an ounce of high grade nuggets. I think that was the highest I’ve ever been and we were smoking mad blunts, too. I had a group of people over at my spot and we watched TV all day long while melted to the couch like the girl on that commercial. Getting melted to the couch actually happens, so just don’t do a marijuana. Those were some of the best cookies I’ve ever had.

melted meme

How I feel

It’s amazing that I’m not a fat ass, but I like to lift weights and exericse while I smoke weed. I like to play video games and watch movies when I get baked, but lately those activities have been so unfulfilling to me. I beat the remaster of THPS1+2, but once I saw mother fuckers scoring 10 million points in one combo, I uninstalled the game to push my stoned potential toward something else.

I don’t even really drink alcohol except once or twice a year, so weed is the ticket for me. I remember when I got arrested 3 times for cannabis back in the day, and now I’m growing it legally because I’m a thousand miles away from that previous location. What a baffling world we live in.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that it’s so much fun to get high as fuck and then hit a hard workout to some intense music. I used to get really high and skateboard, but now I just workout. Just make sure you warm up before you go hard, because one time I was peaking hardcore on some Lemon Skunk Haze and I instantly ran a 6-7 minute mile on my treadmill without warming up. It’s a good way to fuck up your body and I hurt my knee a little bit, but don’t worry because I’m OK. That definitely made me feel alive.

P.S. – Public gyms suck.

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