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June 18, 2020 at 11:23 pm by Avatar for Jim

What have I done? I done topped all the sativas.

Throwing these plant clippings into the wild
sad cannabis ladies after they got a haircut

Sad looking cannabis ladies after they got an edge up (haircut) today. Give ’em a week or two.

I’ve been mad busy with work and maybe neglected the ladies a little bit. The lower leaves are turning yellow, so soil nutrient depletion is starting to occur. Per gallon, I fed the ladies today with 1 scoop of Great White Mycorrhizae, 5 drops Superthrive, .5ml bloom nutes, and .5-1.0ml cal-mag.

cannabis leaves clippings from topping the plants

Seems like a lot of foliage to chop away from some small plants, but they’ll turn out.

Some people might think I’m nuts for chopping off all this good foliage and throwing it away, but the plants will recover and look much better in the next couple of weeks. I topped all the bigger sativa plants which I plan on moving outdoors after I transplant into their final containers and once they have regained their vigor. I will probably transplant in a week or two. If all goes well, I will be harvesting these in a few months.

Also, check out this skateboarding video game montage I made when I was blazed the other day. It’s all from the new skateboarding game called “Session,” which is pretty fun if you like skateboarding.

I ripped the bong twice before I made the skate montage.

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