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June 13, 2020 at 1:59 am by Avatar for Jim

The ladies are loving the Great White mycorrhizae and Superthrive

cannabis plants seedlings in my tent top view

The indica ladies are unsurprisingly behind the pack and staying small

I did not feed the smaller indica plants, the Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry Cookies. I can still feel some weight to their containers, so I will hold off until I feel like they become more bone dry. Also, I will probably be topping all of these plants pretty soon. The Acapulco Gold is still the shining star next to the Maui Waui, of course.

I’ll touch base after I top these ladies and figure out what I’m going to do next as far as transplanting and moving some of the big sativas outdoors.

My cannabis plant seedlings in my tent front view

Front view showing some strain name abreviations and seed plant dates of 5/23 and 5/27. They are coming along nicely.

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Jim is the creator of My Weed and he has been gardening for several years. He believes in the untapped potential of cannabis, herbs, plants, and other natural compounds. Aside from gardening, Jim's other interests include cars, fitness, listening to and playing music, making websites, technology, playing with his 2 rescue dogs and just chilling!