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April 13, 2021 at 3:35 pm by Avatar for Jim

Review: Boveda 62% humidity packs

Boveda humidity packs review

Check out the photos below from my Boveda humidity packs review. These humidity packs work wonders for storing your bud exactly how you like it. I really have no complaints, as they come in handy when curing my own bud and they work well for moistening over dried buds purchased from dispensaries. Keep reading if you want to learn more about my experience using this awesome product that is made in the USA.

Boveda humidity packs review – 62% RH – “The original terpene shield”

After investing months of time and plenty of dollars on a medicinal cannabis grow, the last thing I want to do is cure, dry, and store my medicine improperly. To guarantee the finest medicine quality over a long duration of time, storing herbs properly is essential. That’s why I use Boveda humidity packs to cure and store my buds.

I prefer a stickier bud and live in a widely varying climate zone, so I opt for the Boveda Size 8 – 62% humidity packs combined with wide mouth 32 ounce glass jars. A single Boveda Size 8 humidity pack will protect up to an ounce of weed in your jar for a long time. Boveda humidity packs are basically perfect for my needs. I’ve had homegrown outdoor Maui Waui sitting in jars with Boveda packs since last October and the buds still feel fresh to the touch, along with being quite sticky. The Boveda humidity packs simply work and that’s what I want most from a product.

Boveda humidity packs are always essential to have on hand when harvest time rolls around. Don’t get caught without them and let your buds dry out too fast.

What are Boveda humidity packs?

boveda humidity packs front and back

Front and back labels of the Boveda humidity pack.

Boveda humidity packs are convenient three inch square packs containing a naturally humidifying, specially formulated salt solution created by a very smart chemist. The packs provide humidity by emitting water naturally, which ultimately coats the trichomes of your cannabis buds resulting in fresher dank. You can place the humidity packs into your jars of cannabis in order to maintain desired humidity levels. Forget about worrying about manually adjusting humidity levels in your jars. Boveda humidity packs will keep your humidity right where you want it.

For me, it’s at 62%, but Boveda offers a wide variety of humidity packs for different uses.

Do Boveda humidity packs actually help for curing cannabis?

From my experience, Boveda humidity packs definitely help with curing cannabis properly. With that being said, I’ve also tried the Integra Boost humidity packs and they don’t perform nearly as good as the Boveda packs. Go figure. They can imitate, but apparently they can’t duplicate.

In addition, I’ve used both packs side by side in different jars of cannabis. The Boveda packs hold closer to a 62% humidity range than the Integra Boost packs. The Integra Boost packs kept my jar’s humidity in the lower to mid 50% range, while the Boveda packs consistently maintain accurate humidity levels around 62%. I only use Boveda humidity packs now. In my opinion, the Integra Boost packs were almost a waste of money in comparison to Boveda humidity packs.

How I use Boveda humidity packs for curing cannabis

Boveda humidity packs combined with glass jars make curing cannabis a walk in the park. Hygrometers are ideal for this part, but they are not absolutely required.

After your buds have adequately dried, it’s time to cure them in jars. Simply open your jar, tuck your Boveda humidity pack(s) down into it, and close the lid. Drop a hygrometer in there, if you have one. Sometimes, if my bud is really dry, I use two packs instead of one. If the humidity level gets too high, simply open the jar and close it when the level falls back down, or just remove the packs and let your buds dry out to about 60% humidity with the jar lids open. Put the packs back in when the time is right and it will be all good.

If you’re above 65% humidity, it’s time to open the jars. If you’re below 60% humidity, it’s time to put the packs in

You will have to pay closer attention to your buds and observe the situation if you don’t have hygrometers on hand. Open your jars if you notice that your buds are sticking together.

Manually adjust the process during the first week or so of curing, if necessary. Always pay close attention during the first couple of weeks of curing so you can avoid mold.

These packs will last for a long time in a closed jar. If you’re not using them in a jar, put them back into the original sealed packaging or an airtight container, like a small jar, and they will last for up to two years. You’ll know that you need to throw the humidity packs away when the packs get hard. You can feel a hard and crunchy salt-like material breaking up inside the packages when they are done. That means all of the moisture has evaporated from the pack and it’s time to use a new pack. The Boveda packs in my Maui Waui jars are still going strong and they are at least eight months old now.


The advantages of using Boveda humidity packs are clear and simple. I won’t cure buds without my packs!

  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Maintains accurate humidity levels
  • Made in the USA
  • Outperforms competing brands


There aren’t really any major drawbacks when it comes to using Boveda humidity packs. Just make sure you don’t leave your humidity packs out in the open air and you’ll be fine.

  • Dries out quickly if left open

How much do Boveda humidity packs cost?

With several purchasing options, Boveda humidity packs are reasonably priced for all types of situations. I usually grab the ten pack for about $15 and everything works out fine for me. For less than a dollar per pack, there are no complaints for me. That one little humidity pack is going to keep $200-400 worth of cannabis nice and fresh, so it’s worth it in the end.

Are Boveda humidity packs safe?

I’ve been using Boveda humidity packs for several years now with no issues. They claim that the packs emit water naturally and safely. I’m not exactly sure what is in the packs aside from a chemist’s special salt solution and some water, but we are warned to not open the packs because it will ruin their effectiveness. I’ll take their word for that.

Who Makes This Stuff?

Boveda humidity packs were originally co-invented by Albert Saari (chemist) and Robert Esse (brand expert) to help with cigar storage. The two inventors then partnered up with business experts Tim Swail and Sean Knutsen to create their award winning company. Together, the team created a new niche in the humidor industry with their Boveda humidity control technology. You can learn more about the fascinating Boveda story by clicking here: https://bovedainc.com/the-boveda-story/

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A Summary of Benefits

I hope you enjoyed my Boveda humidity packs review and that you learned something. The main benefit of using Boveda humidity packs is to maintain humidity at your desired level. Everyone has a preference when it comes to their buds. If you love rock hard, dried out bud that breaks when you pick it up, you probably shouldn’t use a Boveda humidity pack. However, if you love fresh and sticky bud, you should definitely be using these packs! Eight months later and my Maui Waui bud is still sitting at 62% humidity in the jar. It’s also very sticky!

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