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April 12, 2021 at 1:13 pm by Avatar for Jim

Strain Review: Nirvana Girl Scout Cookies

organic homegrown nirvana girl scout cookies strain

Nirvana Girl Scout Cookies introduction

Girl Scout Cookies from Nirvana Shop is one of my favorite indica dominant hybrid strains to grow indoors. GSC is always the strain that I run out of first. I’ve loved the GSC strain since the first time I tried it many years ago. I was super stoked to try growing Nirvana’s rendition of the classic strain and now I’m hooked.

Nirvana combined the classic strains OG Kush and Durban Poison for their GSC hybrid, so you just can’t go wrong. At around 20% THC, Girl Scout Cookies provides a soaring high, beautiful nug structure, exquisite flavor, and above average yields. Nirvana’s Girl Scout Cookies has become one of my favorite hybrid strains to grow indoors.

Girl Scout Cookies photo gallery

OG Kush and Durban Poison combine into a kushy, sweet ‘n’ spicy tasting hybrid

Firstly, there’s a reason why this Girl Scout Cookies hybrid strain has over 250 reviews with a 4.7 star rating on Nirvana’s website.

Well, it’s because it’s pure green gold. Everyone loves it. Allow me to explain.

I’ve grown this strain 4 times now indoors and each time has provided delectable nuggets of dank. My associates have all said this is one of the finest buds in my collection.

Short story break

This is some funny stuff. My sister’s boyfriend got caught on my mom’s security camera scraping up kief from the remainder of my GSC buds which were broken up on mom’s patio table. Mom sent me the video and I almost fell over laughing. The man was fiending for my leftover weed nuggets! Somebody must have been really stoned to leave any of that weed behind. 😉 It probably wasn’t even more than a bong rip’s worth of weed, but that’s how fire this stuff is. Once you get a taste of it, you don’t want to let it go. I honestly felt bad for him. Really, I did.

Nirvana Girl Scout Cookies review

nirvana girl scout cookies cola

Almost harvest time for this fat cola!

If you love Girl Scout Cookies strains, but haven’t been able to find the right genetics, Nirvana Shop is the ticket for this classic American strain. Just look at the photos in the gallery. It’s pure light green fire!

Contrarily, my least favorite part about this strain is that I didn’t grow enough of it. I blaze it non-stop when I have it on hand, which is why I’m growing it continuously. If you’re like me and blaze it when you have it, make sure you grow at least few plants at a time so you can get a fat yield. Or, just grow one really big plant.

Genetic lineage

Nirvana’s version of Girl Scout Cookies consists of an indica and sativa hybrid cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison. As far as plant height is concerned, the genetics seem to have more of an indica dominance. The plant doesn’t get incredibly tall like some other hybrids I have experienced. While growing this plant next to a Blueberry Cookies hybrid strain, this Girl Scout Cookies was significantly shorter in stature and it stretched less.

Also, these seeds from Nirvana Shop are only available as feminized and autoflower varieties, so you won’t have to worry about male plants ruining your crop. I only grow feminized strains these days. One time, I ordered regular Bubblelicious seeds from Nirvana and they all turned out to be males, so I will never make that mistake again. Imagine having all five of your plants turn out to be male after growing and training them for two months. I was hoping for at least one female plant, but no. Make sure you only order feminized seeds unless you’re breeding your own strains! Getting five males was just my luck of the draw, I guess. We live and we learn.

Nug structure

If you haven’t already, take a glance at some of the photos in the gallery to see the beautiful nug structure this GSC strain provides under my 400 watt HPS lamp. The frosty and dense colas have amazing bag appeal. To be honest, plastic bags are an insult to this strain. I’d never put these nuggets in a plastic bag. Considering that I grow it organically and indoors, a sealed glass jar with a Boveda 62% humidity pack is the only proper way of storing this green gold. Trust me on that!

Oh, you want kief?

No problem. If you are wanting a trichome frost generator for your grinder, look no further. Girl Scout Cookies from Nirvana will gum up your grinder in a New York minute! I’ve been using my large Santa Cruz Shredder for a while now and it usually grinds everything up with no issues, but this fresh GSC really makes you work for it. You’ll have kief buildup in your grinder rather quickly with this strain. It’s some gnarly kief that will get you blasted to the moon! You’ll be sucking your thumb while curled up into a ball and counting sheep in no time!

The high

Nirvana Girl Scout Cookies provides an excellent stress-relieving indica dominant high with THC percentages estimated near the 20% range. My homegrown GSC definitely helped ease some of my joint pains, relieve stress, and helped me sleep like a baby. For me, this is more of an afternoon or evening smoke because it can give you couch-lock depending on your harvest schedule. Sure, you could wake ‘n’ bake with this strain if you’re an experienced smoker. Amateur smokers may want to take it easy until later in the evening. I would love to smoke Girl Scout Cookies non-stop, but I do actually need to get stuff done during the day. This strain may be too powerful to smoke throughout a productive work day. If I have stuff to do, I’m probably smoking sativa and then I’ll kick back with some Cookies later in the evening.

The taste

ground cookies and raw papers

Time to roll up a fatty of this light green fire.

Delectable comes to mind when I think about smoking GSC through a Raw hemp paper. The flavor from GSC is one that I love and simply cannot forget. It has a kush dominant earthy flavor as you smoke it, mixed with a little bit of sweet spice from the Durban Poison. Freshly cleaned bong rips loaded with ice will put you in a state of blissful paradise, but I prefer smoking the GSC through a joint most of the time because it tastes even better. My first couple of GSC grows were not with 100% organic nutrients, but nowadays I’m growing this strain organically and the taste is great. You’ll get hooked on this flavor.

The smell

As I open the jar of Girl Scout Cookies, I notice that it doesn’t actually smell like girl scout cookies. The smell is definitely reminiscent of dank kush, but I feel like the Durban Poison provides the buds with more of a gassy, spicy, sweet earthy smell. The bud smells great and is quite pungent, but it doesn’t have the best smell in comparison to some other fruity strains that I’ve grown.

The harvest

If you harvest this strain late, it could send your body straight into a vegetative state. By that, I mean that you will want to chillax hardcore and eat everything in sight after smoking copious amounts. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s about 60-70% on the indica dominant side. Harvesting earlier could help avoid some of the couch-lock effects. This strain is ready to harvest in about 7-9 weeks, so it’s a relatively quick runner.

I harvest this strain on the earlier side when the trichomes are about 30% amber colored, so I don’t get too much of a couch-lock stone. I’d still recommend growing a sativa dominant plant alongside the GSC if you can, because this strain can make you kind of lethargic if you smoke it non-stop. Believe me, you will want to smoke it non-stop because it’s one of the best tasting strains, especially if you love classic kush flavor with a little bit of spice!

The yield tends to be much more impressive than other strains I’ve been growing indoors. In a three gallon pot with a two week vegetative cycle, I was able to get about two ounces from one plant of the Girl Scout Cookies, while the other strains were averaging about half an ounce less. That’s just in my small tent, so the yield potentials with this strain are huge in a bigger environment. The colas on this Cookies strain fatten up quite a bit in the last few weeks, so it’s definitely a winner.

Grow difficulty

girl scout cookies flowering

Girl Scout Cookies in the middle of flowering. She looks so pretty now that I’ve got the nitrogen deficiency dialed in.

Growing Nirvana’s Girl Scout Cookies is as easy as pie. The plant does not grow incredibly tall and responds to topping and training well. It is ideal for a small or large indoor grow. Any novice gardener could grow this plant to a successful harvest indoors. Make sure you give adequate nitrogen during the stretch phase so your sugar leaves stay green, or they can turn yellow pretty quick. The buds pack on during the last few weeks of flowering, so you may want to let it grow a little longer if you desire a higher yield. I’d recommend harvesting by your preferred color of trichomes and not by Nirvana’s estimated harvest window. I harvested my last Cookies plant at about 60 days from switching to a 12/12 light cycle and it turned out great.

If you’re using organic nutrients, you shouldn’t have any nutrient deficiency problems. I only noticed nutrient deficiencies when I didn’t give enough nitrogen during the stretch phase during my first grow of this strain. I was using chemical liquid nutrients back then, but now that I’ve switched to organic, I haven’t noticed any major deficiencies and the grow is practically on auto-pilot.

Surprisingly, drying and curing Girl Scout Cookies buds is very quick. These buds were ready to spark up within a couple weeks of chopping them and you know I couldn’t resist. Go figure.

Would I order Nirvana Girl Scout Cookies again?

Absolutely. I feel like this strain is dang near impeccable when grown organically indoors. Stick with organic growing techniques indoors with an HPS lamp and this strain is a true winner. I’m too scared to grow this strain outside in the harsh Oklahoma weather. I’m a big fan of the indoor quality, but I bet it would grow great in less extreme outdoor environments like a greenhouse. I tend to let my sativa strains grow outdoors and let my indica strains get frosty under the indoor HPS lamp.

I’m definitely going to continue pursuing my indoor growing endeavors with this strain. It’s such a nice strain that I won’t be trying it outdoors and risk losing seeds to a plethora of environmental variables. The day you run out of these nugs is a sad day and it has happened to me three times now. I definitely don’t want to waste a plant outdoors because some butterfly decides to take a squat on it. I kind of feel like Golem lusting after his precious, but quality is more important to me than quantity with these cookies even if I run out. Sure, I could grow a mammoth outdoors, but the quality is just not the same. Getting to smoke the next indoor GSC harvest in the near future is plenty reason to keep thriving!

Would I recommend Nirvana Shop for buying cannabis seeds online?

organic homegrown nirvana girl scout cookies strain

One of the top GSC colas from a previous harvest.

In conclusion, I’d recommend Nirvana Shop to anyone looking for exclusive genetics from across the pond. It has usually taken about a month to receive my orders discreetly, but Nirvana has always delivered to me without any issues. I’ve ordered seeds from Nirvana for a long time now and they have never done me wrong.

However, one piece of important advice is to make your purchase with Bitcoin and only order feminized seeds!

In addition, you’ll save time and money by purchasing your seeds with Bitcoin. Sending cash payments will obviously add more delivery time.

Check out NirvanaShop.com today and order your own seeds for your next home cannabis grow.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain: https://www.nirvanashop.com/marijuana-seeds/978-girl-scout-cookies-feminized.html

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