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January 4, 2021 at 1:04 pm by Avatar for Jim

Black Cherry Punch, Girl Scout Cookies, Ocean Grown Cookies, and Purple Punch!

black cherry punch from pyramid seeds

General Growing Update

Check out the photo gallery below.

I harvested so much Maui Waui this fall that I’ve stopped growing sativas for a minute until Spring comes and then I’ll probably start some Acapulco Gold and Raspberry Cough for my outdoor sativa grow this year.

I’m currently indoor growing indica dominant strains: Black Cherry Punch from Pyramid Seeds, Girl Scout Cookies from Nirvana Shop, Ocean Grown Cookies (revegged from outdoors last fall) from Dinafem, and Purple Punch from Barney’s Farm. All of these strains are straight fire and get 5 stars all around from me!

I’ve also switched to all organic nutrients and have stopped using chemical liquid nutrients altogether in an attempt to remedy some of my minor nutrient deficiencies in my last grow, and also to achieve a higher quality and healthier final bud! I’ve noticed far less deficiencies in my plants and they seem to be way healthier while using these organic nutrients. I am thinking about trying Great White Mycorrhizae and Recharge in combination with my current organic nutrient lineup in my next grow to see if I can improve my plants even more. It’s about a $75 investment for both of these additions, but I think it will be worth it in bud quality.

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