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July 13, 2020 at 6:16 pm by Avatar for Jim

Keep on veggin’ in the weed world. Veg update on the cannabis plants

The attack of the cookies cannabis clones

Aww, yeah! I just cut some Blueberry Cookies (from Dinafem) and Girl Scout Cookies (hydro bagseed) clones on July 4th and they aren’t dead yet, so you know what that means, right? They should be taking root now and begin re-vegging within the next week or so. I made these clones from the main stalks of the plants right after I topped them. I usually clone from the side shoots, but I was topping and wanted to try this different method. The plants haven’t developed huge sideshoots yet, so I figured it was worth a try on the main stalk. It seems like it is working. If this works out, I may cut a couple more clones of the cookies when I top them again and begin training them down more heavily. Maybe then I’ll throw a couple of these ladies outdoors for a quick flower!

The outdoor ladies

The outdoor sativa ladies are not as happy as the precious indoor cookies girls. Summer here has been tough, but we got gifted with some heavy rains last week and the pots are soaked with water. I have the outdoor plants about 5 feet off the ground to avoid deer and smaller animals, but even still the small bug pests are having a blast munching on my gals, or at least they were.

Pests are abundant out here in the woods, so the leaves are getting eaten on while the plants don’t have much THC content as a self defense mechanism. I’ve tried using a custom neem oil solution to no avail, and have reluctantly resorted to foliar spraying with Sevin dust spray solution every few days. The pests have started to dwindle down since I’ve started using the Sevin spray. I’m hoping for resilient, THC-rich plants during flowering because I will not be using this spray on any bud sites as it is not recommended.

I won’t have to water the outdoor ladies for a week or two probably, so I will just have to watch out for the pests and play the waiting game. We are officially hitting off the vegetative phase of these outdoor ladies and they are all over 1 feet tall. New growth is looking healthy, so I know they are recovering from their stresses.

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